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This chart shows from which QuickTime version the data types are supported and whether XAnim supports them.
NOTE: XAnim is a UNIX-based player only and it's info is only provided as a very rough reference.
There is also an ASCII-styled version of this chart.

Supported QuickTime Read in Formats
Type Developer Windows Mac Unix Suffix(s)
32-bit 16-bit
Still Image Formats
3D Meta File Apple 3.0 N/A 2.5 N/A N/A
FlashPix Macromedia 4.0 4.0 fpx,fpix
Graphics Interchange
Compuserve 3.0 2.5 XAnim gif
Interchange Format
Joint Photographic
Experts Group
MacPaint Apple/Claris N/A pntg,pnt,mac
Photoshop Adobe psd
Portable Network
W3 Consortium 3.0 png
QuickDraw Picture Apple All pict,pic,pct
QuickTime Image
Apple 2.5 qti
Silicon Graphics
Silicon Graphics sgi,rgb
Targa TrueVision 3.0 targa,tga
Tagged Image
File Format
Aldus/Adobe tiff,tif
Windows BitMaP Microsoft Internal Internal bmp
Audio Formats
Audio Interchange
File Format
Apple All All All Unknown aif,aiff,aifc
Global System for
Mobile Audio
ETSI 5.0 N/A 5.0 XAnim gsm,gsd
MPEG-1 Audio/
ISO/IEC 11172-3
(Layers I/II)
Motion Picture
Experts Group
5.0 N/A 2.0PPC N/A m1a,mpa,mp2,
MPEG-2 Audio/
ISO/IEC 13818-3
(Layers I/II)
Add-on Add-on m2a,mpa,mp2,
MPEG Audio
(with ID3 for Layer III)
4.0 4.0PPC mp3,mpeg,mpg
Musical Instrument
Digitial Interface
Roland/Yamaha 3.0 2.0 2.0 midi,mid,rmi,smf,kar
QuickTime Audio Apple All All All XAnim mov,qt
QualCommPurevoice Qualcomm 3.0 N/A 3.0 N/A qcp
RIFF Waveform Microsoft Internal Internal 2.0 XAnim wav
Sound Designer 2 Digidesign 3.0 N/A 3.0 N/A sd2
ULAW Sun/NeXT 2.0 2.0 XAnim au,snd,ulw
Video Formats
Animated Graphics
Interchange Format
Compuserve 3.0 N/A 3.0 XAnim gif
AutoDesk Animator AutoDesk flc,fli
DigitalVideo Stream Digital VCR
N/A dv,dif
Shockwave Flash 3 Macromedia 4.0 4.0 swf
Shockwave Flash 4 5.0 5.0
Shockwave Flash 5 6.0 6.0
MPEG-1 System/
ISO/IEC 11172-1
Motion Picture
Experts Group
5.0 2.0PPC mpeg,mpg,dat,m1s,
MPEG-2 System/
ISO/IEC 13818-1
Add-on Add-on mpeg,mpg,m2s
MPEG-4 System/
ISO/IEC 14496-1
6.0 6.0 m4s,mp4,mpg4
MPEG-1 Video/
ISO/IEC 11172-2
5.0 2.0PPC XAnim mpeg,mpg,mpv,
MPEG-2 Video/
ISO/IEC 13818-2
Add-on Add-on N/A mpeg,mpg,m2v
QuickDraw Picture
Apple All All All XAnim pics
QuickTime Video mov,qt
RIFF Audio
Video Interleave
Microsoft Internal Internal 3.0 XAnim avi,vfw
Text Formats
Hyper Text Markup
Lanuage Importer
W3 Consortium 4.0 N/A 4.0 N/A (Import only)
QuickTime PreFlight
Text Importer
Apple 5.0 5.0
Real Time Streaming
4.0 4.0 rtsp,rtp,mov
Session Description
ShoutCast PlayLiSt Nullsoft 5.0 5.0 pls
Multimedia Integration
W3 Consortium 4.1 4.1PPC smil,sml,smi,mov
Text Importer Apple 3.0 2.0 1.5 txt,mov

Need more info on these and other Audio formats, check out Norman Franke's SoundApp Formats Page.
Also check out the CODECs[1] at Terran Interactive's Codec Central, the above Video and Audio formats may support and/or need.
Since Video/Audio data in WAVEs, AIFFs, AVIs and MOVs can be compressed by any 3rd party codec(eg. Intel's Indeo, Eidos' Escape, etc), they need to be installed separately.
For a complete list of image/audio codecs check out the Image and Audio component lists.
1 - COmpressor/DECompressor or enCOder/DECoder

Supported QuickTime Codecs
Type QT
Windows Mac Unix Purpose/Notes
32-bit 16-bit
Audio Encoders/Decoders
Two's Complement -
Big Endian
'twos' Internal Internal Internal XAnim 8 & 16-bit 68k
signed samples
Two's Complement -
Little Endian
'sowt' 8 & 16-bit x86
signed samples
24-bit Integer PCM 'in24' 3.0 N/A 2.5 Unknown Increasing samples
beyond 16-bits
32-bit Floating Point PCM 'fl32'
32-bit Integer PCM 'in32'
64-bit Floating Point PCM 'fl64'
A-Law 2:1 'alaw' Internal Internal 3.0 XAnim 16 bit samples only
Apple GSM 10:1 'agsm' 4.0 N/A 4.0 Decoder only
Digital Video audio 'dvca' 3.0 3.0 N/A
DVI IMA ADPCM 4:1 'dvi ' 4.0 4.0 Streaming
Decoder only
Linear Predictive
Coding 23:1
'lpc ' 3.0 3.0 Voice decoder only
Apple Interactive
Multimedia Association 4:1
'ima4' Internal Internal 2.0 XAnim 16-bit samples only
MS IMA ADPCM 4:1 'ms$0002' 3.0 Microsoft's version of
IMA for Waveform files
DVI IMA ADPCM 4:1 'ms$0011' Intel's version of IMA
for Waveform files
dvanced Audio Coding/
ISO/IEC 14496-3 AAC
'mp4a' 6.0 N/A 6.0 N/A Proprietary Replacement
for MPEG layer III
MPEG Layer III Fixed Rate 'ms$0055' Internal 4.0 Fraunhofer's low bps MPEG
CBR layer III decoder
(with Xing VBR header)
'.mp3' 4.1 4.1 Fraunhofer's full VBR
MPEG layer III decoder
Macintosh Audio
Compression & Expansion 3:1
'MAC3' All All Internal 8-bit samples only
Macintosh Audio
Compression & Expansion 6:1
Pulse Code Modulation
8-bit Offset Linear
'raw ' Internal Internal XAnim 8-bit unsigned samples
QDesign Music 1 'QDMC' 3.0 N/A 3.0 N/A 16-bit samples only
QDesign Music 2 'QDM2' 4.0 4.0
Qualcomm Purevoice(TM) 'Qclp' 3.0 3.0
(mu)-Law 2:1 'ulaw' Internal Internal 2.0 XAnim
Image or Key/Intra Frame Only Video Encoders/Decoders
Apple BMP/MS RLE (RGB) 'WRLE' 3.0 N/A 3.0 N/A Used in
Windows Bitmaps
Component Video (YUV) 'yuv2' 2.0 1.5 XAnim Uses unsigned Y'CbCr
4:2:2 color space
Component Video - YUV
DV - NTSC (YUV) 'dvc ' N/A 3.0 N/A Standard for
DV - PAL (YUV) 'dvcp'
DV Pro - NTSC (YUV) 'dvpn' 4.0 4.0 Pro Standard for
DV Pro - PAL (YUV) 'dvpp' 6.0 6.0
Motion JPEG A (YUV) 'mjpa' 3.0 2.5 XAnim Used for Video Capturing
from M-JPEG cards
Motion JPEG B (YUV) 'mjpb' N/A
None/Plain RGB 'raw ' 2.0 All XAnim Direct to video raw pixel map
Photo - JPEG/JFIF (YUV) 'jpeg' 1.5 Best for
Still Images
Planar RGB/Photoshop '8BPS' N/A 2.5 Separates colors
into channels
PNG/zlib (RGB) 'png ' 3.0 N/A Replacement for
lossless GIF Images
TGA (RGB) 'tga ' Used for lossless
Still Images
TIFF/PackBits (RGB) 'tiff'
Key/Intra and Inter Frame Video Encoders/Decoders
Animation/RLE (RGB) 'rle ' 3.0 2.0 1.5 XAnim Designed for
PC Graphics
and Archiving
Compact Video
'cvid' Designed for
older PCs
Graphics (RGB) 'smc ' Designed for 8-bit/
256 color PC Graphics
H.261 (YUV) 'h261' 4.0 N/A 4.0 ITU Standard for
Video Conferencing
H.263 (YUV) 'h263' 3.0 3.0
MPEG-4 Video/
ISO/IEC 14496-2
'mp4v' 6.0 6.0 N/A ISO Standard for
low bit rate video
Sorenson Video (YUV) 'SVQ1' 3.0 N/A 3.0 Designed for
modern PCs
Sorenson Video 3 (YUV) 'SVQ3' 5.0 5.0
Video (YUV) 'rpza'
road pizza
3.0 2.0 All XAnim Faster Compression
than Cinepak